Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Masonry?

Freemasonry, sometimes just called Masonry, is the word's oldest and largest Fraternity. It aims to promote Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly love among its members -- men from every race, religion, opinion, and background -- who are brought together as Brothers to develop and strengthen the bonds of friendship. There are more than 3 million members meeting in nearly every free country in the world. Freemasonry proposes to "make good men better" by teaching -- with metaphors taken from geometry and architecture -- about building values based on great universal truths. And of course, charity and community service is fundamental to Freemasonry and something we actively take part in.

Where can I find out more about Free Masonry?

The best way to get information is to talk to a Mason -- either online or in person. If you do not know one, you can email us at anytime

Here: at:

You will receive a reply from the Secretary of the Lodge or another member of the lodge.  That person,  will answer your questions and provide you with additional information. If you would like, he can usually arrange a convenient time to meet, introduce you to some other members, give you a tour of the lodge and answer any of your questions. You may have some of the same questions as those below -- so take a look at the rest of the FAQ's. There is also a live forum here at

You can also visit our links page here for many resources and information:      


What are the requirements to become a Free Mason?

Generally, anyone meeting the following primary requirements may petition a Lodge for membership:

1)    You are an adult male (usually a minimum age of 18-21, based on the individual jurisdiction) of good character and recommended by a Mason. It is very likely that someone you know is a Free Mason but if you are not aware of one, contact a local lodge and they will be happy to respond, and have a Mason contact you.

2)   You believe in a Supreme Being -- no atheist can become a Mason -- but we are not concerned with theological distinctions or your particular religious beliefs.  Christians, Muslims, Jews and others can all become Free Mason's

3)   You are interested in becoming a Mason because you hold a favorable opinion of our institution; and, your decision to apply is based  on your own "free will and accord." No one will compel you to join.


What are the time and/or financial commitments of being a Mason?

The financial commitment varies from state to state.

In the state of Maine the current dues (Including Grand Lodge fees) are only 59.00 a year.

That is the only financial commitment truly required to become a Freemason in the state of Maine.

There is However, an initial fee of 40.00 that must be submitted with your application/petition and a 20.00 fee at the time of each of the three degrees. After that, just the yearly dues are required to maintain your status as an active Mason.

The time a Mason puts into the fraternity is up to each individual. While some brothers are active in the lodge meetings, business and activities, other choose to practice the "craft" outside the lodge simply by the way they live their lives. Their time may be put in by helping a neighbor, a distressed Brother or by involvement in other charitable or community activities.