Meet the Masons

Masons, also referred to as "Freemasons" and "Free and Accepted Masons" are a large and diverse group of men belonging to the world's oldest fraternity.

There are  lodges in almost every country throughout the world with members from all walks of life, many different religions, political beliefs, and virtually all social/economic classes.

As Brothers, all are considered equal within the organization or as we put it, "On the level" and our mission or purpose is simple.

We are good men trying to be better men, by giving what we can to our fellow creatures and promoting friendship, morality, and brotherly love amongst ourselves, mankind, and throughout the world we all share.

Contrary to rumors and untruths spread by many paranoid, conspiracy theorist organizations, we are not a religion and have no political agenda whatsoever.  In fact, discussion of religion and politics is not allowed in Lodge and have no place within the structure of our organization.

Members of the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Faiths as well as many others can all become Freemasons and our only religious requirement is that you have a belief in one single Deity.

How we as Freemasons interact with the world and conduct ourselves is often referred to as practicing our "Craft".

The three Great Principles of Freemasonry are Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.  This is the craft which brethren practice through charity to care, not only for our brothers, but also for the whole community by personal charitable giving, and  through voluntary efforts and works.

Historically, Freemasonry has cared for orphans, the sick, and the aged; work which continues today with large sums also donated to international, national, and local charities.

Exercised at every level Masonic charity encompasses voluntary work and donations from individual Lodges to their own communities, through the Provincial Grand Lodges, which also give financial help to regional causes.

Although Masonic Charity is regarded as the second largest donator after the National Lottery, it could be considered the largest in terms of money given to charity from a single group, as every penny raised for Charity comes from the brethren.  No money is raised directly from the general public.

Being a Freemason provides a man of good heart and character an opportunity to give something positive to our world in the company of other men who also share these values in the spirit of brotherly love and affection, not only for each other, but for all mankind and God's creatures.